Austin Bazaar 25" Kid's Acoustic Toy Guitar with Carrying Bag and Accessories - Black

Austin Bazaar 25" Kid's Acoustic Toy Guitar with Carrying Bag and Accessories - Black
From Austin Bazaar

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Product Description

This beautiful Acoustic Guitar set is the ideal toy for children! It is fully functional Acoustic Guitar which is perfect for "pretend" play. This Guitar is 25 inches in length and features full wood construction and a great gloss finish. This set also has everything your child needs to get started with the Guitar! The set includes a nylon gig bag, strap, easy to use pitch pipe tuner, and extra strings. This Acoustic Guitar set makes a great gift for kids and is a great value for the money! IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION: The guitar does not come pre-tuned. Before using the guitar, we recommend tightening the screws on the tuning knobs using a screwdriver. The screws are located on the tuning knobs on the top-backside of the guitar. This will ensure that the strings stay tight.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1189 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Austin Bazaar
  • Dimensions: 6.00 pounds


  • Complete 25 Inch Acoustic Toy Guitar Set
  • Perfect Toy for Children!
  • Full Wood Construction
  • Great Gloss Finish
  • Set Includes: Nylon Gig Bag, Strap, Pitch Pipe Tuner, and Extra Strings

Customer Reviews

not great, but useable...4 There are lots of complaints about this guitar. It's cheap, the components are flimsy, the strings are basically unusable, but here's the thing: there are ways that you can make it a completely functional child's or toy guitar. The tuners have phillips head screws on the back. If they don't stay put, just tighten the screws! If the bridge slips when you replace the strings or de-tune them for any reason, crazy glue it into place! I am going to put some uke strings on it so it sounds goofy and hawaiian. not a guitar i would gig with, but if you are going to pay less than 30 bucks for a musical instrument, than you have to expect that it isn't going to be a beautiful piece of work. with a little modding, it can be more than it is out of the box. I knew it would be cheap, but wow, is this thing cheap.3 I got this guitar for my 16-month old son who is obsessed with my guitars. When he started to use an animal cracker as a pick, I decided that I needed to get him a guitar that was real enough that he would still be interested, but cheap enough that it would not upset me when he destroys it. This little guitar is certainly cheap. It is not tunable, and the bridge is not even attached. So, if you're hoping your child might actually play a tune on it, forget it. If you are looking for a guitar that would be good for storing Fisher-Price people, or unwanted food, go with this one. Very pleased5 This little guitar was a perfect size for my 2 year old nephew. He loves it and plays with it all the time. This may guide him into being a gutar player. The price, quality and shipping speed was great. Thanks