Yamaha PSRE313 61 Key Portable Personal Keyboard Package

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Product Description

The Yamaha PSRE313 portable digital keyboard gives you many features usually found in higher end keyboards at a breakthrough price.The PSRE313 features 482 voices that provide a wealth of creative freedom. Reverb and chorus effects can be added to any of the included voices. Once you find the sounds you like, you can record what you have played with the on board 2-track sequencer.Includes a Yamaha Survival Kit!Designed to provide you with everything you need to get started. Includes a two-year extended warranty, power adaptor, foot switch on models that require it, stereo headphones, bonus coupons and a DVD-ROM.Yamaha PSRE313 FeaturesExpressive touch like a pianoBacklit LCD screenEasy to use 2-track recorder482 GM and XGlite voicesSound Quality - bass portsComputer Connectivity Flash ROM9 Digital reverb plus 4 chorus effects106 Accompaniment stylesDual and split keyboard modesExpressive Touch like a pianoIf you're buying a keyboard having piano in mind, you'll want Yamaha's Touch Response feature. On an acoustic piano, striking a key harder will produce a louder sound, striking it softer will produce a softer sound. With Yamaha'sTouch Responsethe PSRE313 keyboard responds like an acoustic piano.Backlit LCD screenSince you spend a lot of the time at your keyboard looking at the LCD display screen, you might as well get one that's easy to see like the backlit LCD in the PSRE313!Easy to use 2-track recorderYamaha makes it one-button simple to record your performance. Simply press the Record button and start playing. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1779 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model: PSRE313
  • Dimensions: .0" h x .0" w x .0" l, 18.00 pounds


  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Easy to use 2-track recorder
  • 482 GM and XGlite voices
  • 106 Accompaniment styles
  • Dual and split keyboard modes

Customer Reviews

From someone new to pianos4 Since there were no reviews yet, I thought I'd put in my two cents. Mind you, this is my first musical instrument, so I'm not experienced with this sort of product. However, I've had a friend who is an excellent pianist check it out. Anyways, this seems to be a very good piano so far. It has a good, stereo sound. The display is kind of nice as a beginner, as it shows what note you're hitting. If you care, it has a nice variety of different voices. The keys seem very responsive to me. My piano friend told me that it has a shorter sustain than a real piano when playing without pushing the sustain pedal. Probably not super important for learning initially, and if you just want to learn the keyboard and don't care about real pianos, its not an issue at all. I should also point out, that the keys aren't weighted (although they are touch sensitive). A real piano key has more resistance to movement. I couldn't find weighted keys on any entry level keyboards in my research though, so this might simply not be an option for this price range. The only complaint I have about it that doesn't involve comparing it to a real piano is that I find the spacing between the black keys to be too small to fit my fingers between them easily. I think for more complicated melodies you want to be able to "layer" your hands, and thus be able to reach to the back of the white keys. I can pull it off, but I rub against the black keys. The leaning program built into the keyboard, where the piano plays music for you and you try to reproduce it, isn't good for a beginner. The songs are too complicated for me starting out, and I don't think its a very good substitute for a real teaching program. I've picked up a book from the Hal Leonard program, and have been pleased with that. Eventually I'll probably supplement it with a real piano teacher to get subtle things like legatos and stuff down better. The survival kit that comes with the package deal is useful. It comes with an AC adapter, which you need anyways. It also comes with earphones, which are nice to have. Note that the port on this is larger than the standard many of us are used to. So without an adapter normal earphones (like your ipod earbuds) won't work with it. I didn't find the software cd useful, but I don't plan on connecting it to or learning from the computer any time soon. Lets see... not much else. Not many tracks to splice together your own pieces, but thats not really what this keyboard is for. So, my final verdict is that this is a good deal for the money, based upon my limited experience. It may not reproduce a piano exactly, but I don't think you'll do much better for this level of keyboard. It is a great instrument if you just want to get a keyboard and have some fun learning how to play music. I know I'm having a blast with it so far. Excellent Bargin5 I was looking for a unit that would behave much more like a piano than my current electric keyboard. I am very pleased with the sound quality, sustain of sound, and responsiveness of the keys. This unit can do everything that I need and more. I have not had time to play with all of the features but I really like the chord look-up function and the wide range of possible instrument 'voices' available. The unit was easy to set up and is very easy to use. This package comes with the AC adapter which is useful to me since I plan mostly to use this unit at home (and don't really want to burn through batteries when I don't need to). I purchased this product through Music Bay and they sent me exactly what I ordered on schedule. info about this keyboard4 I discuss this topic - and recommend this keyboard - in this file on my site: http://marthabeth . com/electronic_keyboard_features . html mb