Casio AP45 Digital Piano (88 Keys with Weighted Action)

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Product Description

The AP45 has 88 touch-sensitive keys that ensure you will have the original piano feeling when playing. The AP45's feel is enhanced with the use of a scaled-hammer action keyboard for a true piano feel. It's topped off with Damper, Soft, and Sostenuto pedals for the complete acoustic piano experience. The AP45 features 60 outstanding onboard sounds, 2 headphones jacks (ideal for lessons!), 66 onboard songs, transpose and tuning controls, MIDI In/Out, and a rosewood design stand with a sliding key cover.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #711 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Casio
  • Model: AP45
  • Dimensions: 32.40" h x 18.00" w x 54.00" l, 125.60 pounds


  • 88 Key, Cabinet Digital Piano Design
  • Brand New Tri Element Z Chip Technology
  • Casio Weighted Action
  • New Bass Reflex Speaker System
  • Stereo Line Out for Sound System Use

Customer Reviews

Impressed enough that I bought it ! ! ! 5 There was a time when no self respectable Middle Class American family would have a living void of some musical instrument, especially a piano - - whether or not it was actually played, tuned, or merely used to hold photographs. - - Today, that space has been claimed for the most part by what's know as the HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, and understandably so, because perhaps 30 or 40 years ago the only reason people played the piano in the first place was to combat pre-cable TV, VCR and internet boredome and when the kids grew up and everyone found better things to do it would never get played anyway. I say this because the fact that the piano has gone missing from most homes is a sad thing for those who like to play it... but interesting because now people who are likely to buy a piano may very well do so because they want one that actually suits their playing purposes (not merely matches with the furniture and proves how big a piano they can afford!) - - and luckily the digital keyboard manufacturers realize this. For this reason, not only do I believe that a digital piano with a nice sound, realistic feel and the option of wearing headphones when its played late at night IS actually a really great choice to make for a good home piano (especially if you don't have the space or money for a baby grand.) I was particularly impressed with the AP-45 because not only is its sound compatible with the home console I came up playing, it actually sounds and feels better than many of the home consoles I grew up playing as a kid. (*you have to rememeber that back in the days the smaller pianos often had a muffled sound and not as good touch as the better and more expensive store models - - and if you came from a family that skimped on tuning and maintenence you had to deal with other problems as well, including the dreaded broken/slipped dampers!) As for the CASIO name - - I am amazed. When I was a kid, we used to go to stores like Korvets, K-Mars and Sears and CASIO was synonomous with department store JUNK electronics... A few months ago, I was trying out the floor models (at K's Denki in Tokyo where I now live) and was amazed that the Casios were blowing away all the other consoles (within their price range.) Though most sounded pretty much the same, the area that CASIO seems to have beaten them out on was overall feel and response. For those of you seeking a digital piano that has the same basic features of a piano (not a home organ, electone or midi keyboard), a great feel, nice living room look and pretty good sound I would definitely conclude the AP-45 is definitely a great option... (And since I've been playing since I was 5 and I'm a pro musician and isntructor, I'd hope I'd know!) P.S. If you are looking for something with more digital features and don't mind spending a bit more the AP-80 is a pretty delightful little treat ! What a modern age we live in5 Last Christmas (9 months ago) I received a Yamaha EZ-150 Keyboard from my parents. I wanted to see if I would really take an interest in piano or not. I did, and today I bought the Casio AP45 digital piano. The sound on this thing is incredible. I assumed when I went shopping I would be buying a Yamaha. But the moment I heard this one I was sold. When you close your eyes, it's like you're playing a grand piano. You can sense it in the room. The harpsichord is very sharp. The organ is great as well. Fitting so many classical instruments into one 88 keyed instrument! How amazing? It is housed in a beautifully finished brown wood. Easy to use interface. Keys are graded (heavier in the bass) so the feeling is exactly that of a grand piano. If you are looking for the best recreation of a grand piano $1,000 can buy, look no further. Good piano, solid performance4 I bought this piano through COSTCO and it came disassembled in a box. Apparently the manufacturer wants to save on labor costs and on space. Well that's ok as long as how-to-assemble instructions are provided. To my dismay, I found none of that. I could not believe it! Here I am, looking at a thousand dollars worth of parts and not a single sheet of writing on how to put it together. So, trusting my guts and my intuition I put it together. Ok, it wasn't that hard and after all I never read the instructions that are in the box, but because of this I'm always left with a few 'spare parts' around. This time I got it right - nothing left behind! The sound especially that of the grand piano seems to be in the high end of the digital piano quality, though if you have a good musical ear you will notice that the harmonics you get in a note played on an acoustic piano, especially on the low and high end of the spectrum are richer resulting in a better quality. The dynamics of the keyboard, unlike those in many digital pianos, are excellent and playing on it feels like you are playing on a good acoustic upright piano. I was also impressed by playing with the headphones and the whole experience is unbelievably realistic and high quality. However, for best experience I recommend you use a good set of headphones, such as the Koss Titanium Pro-3AA and not those little ones you may feel compelled to borrow from your ipod. There are not very many features like the ones you find in other high-end digital pianos but the sound quality is unbeatable. Overall the AP-45 is a good choice for me given its price.