M-Audio ProKeys Premium Stage Piano

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Product Description

The ProKeys 88 is the premium digital stage piano that doubles as a great MIDI controller. ProKeys 88 gives you a lot more sound bank memory than even the closest competitor, loaded with larger, more realistic samples--14 world-class instruments in all, including split/layer capabilities. We paired those great sounds with an 88-key graded hammer-action keyboard, delivering a realistic feel to satisfy the most demanding pro. The ProKeys 88 is also a great master controller keyboard, including a built-in USB MIDI interface for easy direct connection to your PC or Mac, MIDI In and Out jacks to communicate with other MIDI gear, pitch and modulation wheels, sequencer controls and more. ProKeys 88 pulls out all the stops in creating the ultimate playing experience in an affordable digital stage piano.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #7369 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: M-Audio
  • Model: 9900-40853-00
  • Dimensions: .0" h x .0" w x .0" l, 65.20 pounds


  • Ease of use, sound quality and 88-note hammer action provides unprecedented value
  • Stunning 3-layer stereo grand piano
  • Large 64MB sound bank with 14 world-class instruments
  • Built-in MIDI controller functionality
  • Best digital stage piano value on the market

Customer Reviews

Mixed3 The Piano sound is truly the best sound you can find for even under $1000, and this is only $500. Thats the good news. The other sounds are ok, the organ sounds being the worst, and the electric piano being the best non-piano sounds. The worst part (and the reason i wouldnt buy it again) is the touch. If you plan on just pounding out chords, itll be fine, but if you play classical, jazz, or even most pop-styles that require a bit of touch, you will hate this piano. They say it is "Hammer-Action" but really they should be called "way-over-weighted". These are the heaviest keys i have ever played, and I wish i would have played it before i bought it online. Awesome...4 I actully ordered this keyboard off zzounds.com. they give you a free stand and pedal with the purchase. $599 total. I had a casio with about 66 keys... i wanted something with awesome sound quality that i could take to a nice hotel and just set up and play...i also wanted something that could hook up to my macbook as a midi controller. this thing is awesome. yes the keys seem heavy, but to me it just feels like im really playing a piano... if u are running through hanon finger exercises your forearms will tire... but i guess its like that with all finger exercises... seems to me like the weight of the keys is just surprising to say the least b/c you dont really know if its a keyboard you are playing or an actual piano. ok so pros: i actully like the organ sound... if you listen to medeski martin and wood, you will like it too... it sounds almost the exact same... i think all of the sounds are really good actully... its a very fun piano to play... it also looks very professional... it hooks up to my mac beautifully. works on abelton live, logic express, and garage band. what more could u ask for? this thing is a digital piano, a midi controller, and even the demos that come with it are good enough to just listen to @ leisure... and cons: the touch does kinda suck... the more i play the more frustrated i get... the touch to sound ratio is kinda rediculous... regardless of how light you touch it still plays the same degree of loudness... its also kinda heavy (66 lbs)... lol. in a way i think that just makes it even cooler... but for some people it would become a burden taking it here and there... 4 stars just b/c i dunno its only $600... Great Flexibility with this Combo Stage Piano and Midi Controller5 Got this for my husband's birthday a year ago. He fell in love with it and it has been such an inspiration with his current album. We live in an upstairs apartment, and an upright standard piano is not an option, so this has been a wonderful compromise. We've had no problems with keys or electronics. The included sustain pedal works like a charm. The onboard sounds are an excellent bonus (some of the best you'll hear, even in electric pianos costing $1000 more), but we use Reason, ProTools M-Powered, and additional midi packages to give us nearly limitless quality sounds (e.g., the Abbey Road package). Regarding the weighted keys, I was nervous about this and had my husband actually try out the playability at a local music store first. Turns out that we both prefer this weighting style to the standard light or no weighted keyboards like the Yamaha he'd be using for midi before. Try it first if you can, though, because it is definitely more like a standard piano - but just a tad more stiff. One slight drawback - this is one HEAVY keyboard. I wouldn't expect to gig with it without a good quality case. We are both multi-instrument entertainers and have been so impressed with this purchase.