KORG nanoKEY 25-Key USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

KORG nanoKEY 25-Key USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

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Product Description

When Korg set out to build a slim-line MIDI controller keyboard, they utilized their years of experience in manufacturing innovative MIDI keyboards to create a great-feeling, velocity sensitive keyboard based off a laptop keyboard. The resulting 25-note keyboard on the nanoKEY will transmit your playing dynamics to your software accurately and expressively. In CC (Control Change) MODE, the keys become MIDI controllers, allowing you to control any MIDI assignable parameters within your software. The Octave Shift function offers immediate access to the entire MIDI note range. Pitch and modulation buttons are also provided, giving your performances the kind of expression that you would expect from any controller regardless of its size. With the "KORG KONTROL Editor" you can customize the nanoKEY to match your control needs. It lets you select between three velocity curves or fixed velocity, set MIDI CC values, and even allows you to edit the assignments for the minimum and maximum values of the control change messages transmitted by the modulation buttons or in CC MODE.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2049 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: White
  • Brand: KORG
  • Model: NANOKEY
  • Dimensions: 2.20 pounds


  • eyboard: 25-key with velocity and 4 velocity curves; CC MODE button
  • USB bus power
  • Connections: mini-USB
  • Power Consumptions: USB bus power: less than 100 mA
  • Dimensions: 320(W) x 83(D) x 14(H) mm/ 12.60 in (W) x 3.27 in (D) x 0.55 in (H)

Customer Reviews

Best music tool, i've bought in a long time!5 This little device is great for my small desktop homestudio. The Nano Key doesn't take away space, i can just put it in front of my typing keyboard or on my lap and start playing and recording. When i'm done with making music, i just put it beside my monitor. Since i am not a serious piano/keyboard player, i don't need the full range of keys, however there are 2 buttons; ocatve up/down with which you can go an octave higher or lower. I mainly use it to play some chord changes, easy melody lines and to trigger drum sounds for midi recording. The keys feel like laptop keys but with velocity function built in! I like laptop keyboards, so no problem for me. There is a button called CC mode. If you press that, you can send midi commands to your DAW using any or all of the keys, (very cool!)you can assign any function via an editor which is downloadable. However, the CC button is located too close to the keys, so it is very easy to hit it by accident (not so cool). If you have a small laptop with music software on it, you can bring it along with nano key and make music on the go! How about a coffee break jam session at Starbucks or at the airport? The Korg Nanos get their power from one usb port each, i also own the NanoKontrol (which is also amazing btw.) and therefore use a usb hub. I just wished they had 2 usb connectors so i can daisy chain them and save a usb port. But for the price, the Nano Key is unbeatable right now and if it breaks for some reason, i'd buy one again. An AMAZING Little Helper!5 The Korg Nano Series is, quite simply, among the most useful sets of tools ever produced for the COMPUTER... Let me say that word again: "COMPUTER." I write, arrange and orchestrate music for a living. The nanoKey, in particular, is a lifesaver! It's portable, so I can stuff it into my laptop bag when I'm on the road. It works seamlessly with Finale, Encore and - my personal favorite - Sibelius (the "Big 3" of notation programs). It isn't as convenient for real-time sequencing, unless you've developed "the touch." It took me a while to get used to that, but I do play scratch tracks in Logic and Sonar, on occasion. Anyone considering the purchase of this device should realize up front that it isn't really designed for stage performance, etc. It's best suited for computer entry. In fact, it's PERFECTLY suited for computer entry. ...and for fifty bucks it's WAY ahead of anything else! cute - but will break your heart1 I got one of these for christmas, and immediately began using it as a VERY portable way to trigger some samples and play simple lines from a soft synth (while playing the main parts on a "real" keyboard). postives : cute, very small, easy to connect & use immediately negatives : worst keyboard feel I've ever experienced, poor construction To make a long story short, I really only got to use this one week. I had fun! But then, the nanoKEY then took a very short fall and the mini usb connector disconnected inside the unit. I took it apart, and to my dismay found the connector used to be soldered directly to the circuit board without any other support to prevent cable distress from destroying the unit. This arrangement also made it too difficult to repair myself. I was sorely disappointed. I would recommed this unit only if - you use it only for fun - you never move it around, and are careful with it What is the point of this great portability if it breaks so easily?