Casio LK100 Lighted Keyboard with Premium Accessories Package

Casio LK100 Lighted Keyboard with Premium Accessories Package
From Casio

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Product Description

The Casio LK-100 61 Key Musical Keyboard allows you to select from 100 tones and 50 versatile rhythms to help add plenty of life to all your keyboard performances. The Auto Accompaniment will allow you to simply play a chord and the corresponding rhythm, bass and chord parts play automatically. This keyboard also includes the 3-Step Lesson System that lets you practice at your own pace. The keyboard automatically grades your performances, so you can trace your progress as you improve. With a total of 100 built-in Song Bank tunes you have a broad range of music for your playback enjoyment or for play along practice. Do you have questions about personal keyboards? Click on the image for product comparisons and FAQs. The Casio LK100 features on-screen fingering and timing indicators, and easy-to-understand on-screen indicators allow for simple keyboard play, even for novices, 100 amazingly realistic tones, enhanced auto-accompaniment function for greater versatility, 50 built in auto-accompaniment patterns, 100 Built-in Song Bank tunes for playback enjoyment or play-along practice, and a 3-Step Lesson System. Develop your musical skills by following the keys as they light. First, you become familiar with the timing of the notes by watching the keys light as you playback one of the 100 built-in Song Bank tunes. Next, practice playing along at a pace that's comfortable for you. Finally, try playing along at the normal tempo for the Song Bank tune. A simulated human voice is used during Step 1 or Step 2 play to call out the fingers you should use.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #101 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Casio
  • Model: CAS LK100 PPK
  • Dimensions: .0" h x .0" w x .0" l, 24.30 pounds


  • On-screen fingering and timing indicators
  • 100 amazingly realistic tones
  • 3-Step Lesson System
  • Auto Accompaniment
  • MIDI compatibility

Customer Reviews

Wonderful sound, good for kids4 We recently started suspecting that our 2 year old has perfect pitch, like her father and her grandmother before her. So all the little toy keyboards that she loved to play with which were all off-key were become problematic. However, it was almost impossible to find a toy keyboard that was actually in tune and not off key. We bought and returned probably a half dozen. Then, the grandparents stepped in and started laying pressure to buy her an actual keyboard. This was the result. The keyboard has a wonderful sound and plenty of demo songs to keep young children busy. I love that it lights up and it helps illustrate the concept for children who are just learning about music and notes. The keyboard is lighter than I expected. And for the price, it was a good compromise over the toy keyboards. It's also great that it comes with a stand, headphones, and an adapter. Many of the high-end casio keybaords, for some reason, do not even include an adapter. I do warn, however, that this is a beginner keyboard. It's good for exposing your child and just to test drive to see whether or not your kid's piano interest isn't going to be just a passing phase. However, the keyboard is not going to grow with any serious piano players. There is no touch sensitivity, which is so important to learning to play the piano adequately. And I was disappointed to see that there was no USB connectivity, which you can get with the slightly more expensive Casio models. But, all in all, I'm satisfied that I'm getting my money's worth. But if you want more features and more piano-like sound/feel, then you'll have to pay more. Look No Further. Costs Less, Delivers More5 I was in a Electronic store and noticed our 7 year old was missing. I saw a girl hunched on this keyboard playing the keyboard. The girl was playing very well and music sounded great. That was our child! Purchased from Amazon for their package deal pricing and accesories. Free shipping. The electronic store was slightly cheaper but did not include even the AC adapter and that's basically a hassle and extra cost. And kids do need the other accessories included with this product on Amazon. So Amazon was the lowest cost option at end of the day. MOST IMPORTANT: Due to the Advertised Features, ease of play, and sound quality of this product - our daughter loves to go play on this keyboard for at least an hour every day! That's what you wish for when you go looking for your first keyboard for children. great keyboard fro the price5 This is a great package for the price. This is an easy keyboard to learn to play for both children and adults alike. The Casio Key Lighting Keyboard LK-100 is as fun as it is practical. It's an ideal learning tool for young pianists and a fun way to experience music. The keyboard has 61 full-size keys. We love the keys' optional light-up function, and we enjoyed being able to immediately "play" the keyboard. The lighted keys help beginners become familiar with the timing of the notes that follow one of the 100 built-in tunes from the keyboard's song bank. A songbook (included) allows kids and adults to view the printed musical notes for each song. The tempo of the songs can be slowed as you learn to follow the keys, which is a nice feature. The key lighting feature can be turned off as desired. This is particularly important for advanced players who wish to use the instrument as a traditional keyboard. We like the Casio Key Lighting Keyboard's high-tech look. A large LCD screen indicates function and song title. There is a tempo control, a volume slider, rhythm buttons and other controls. The Casio Key Lighting Keyboard's song bank is a fun feature. The keyboard has 100 popular songs stored and they can be heard at the push of a button. Songs include holiday favorites like Jingle Bells, as well as a peppy rendition of Happy Birthday to You and a variety of classical songs. Younger kids will be thrilled to hear a theme song from the Finding Nemo movie. This feature-rich keyboard includes 50 built-in auto-accompaniment patterns (kids will feel like rock stars!). Additionally, users can choose a chord and the keyboard will automatically produce a matching bass, chord and rhythm. Advanced players will find it easy to change keys, and a microphone jack makes it a breeze to sing along with tunes. The premium package with the Casio LK100 is a great buy for the money. The Casio Key Lighting Keyboard has plenty of bells and whistles to immediately attract children and adults. It's fun. It lights up. It plays music. The best part, however, is that the attraction doesn't end there. This is a well-built musical instrument on which children and adults can really learn to play music. Only negative thing is that it does have MIDI but in order to use this feature, you will need to couple it with a PC to use, since it doesn't have a built-in disk drive.