Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Player Pack, Ebony Chrome Hardware¹

Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Player Pack, Ebony Chrome Hardware¹
From Epiphone

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Product Description

The Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Player Pack is everything you need to turn yourself into the hottest guitar star ever. The Epiphone SG Special is made with a bolt-on mahogany neck, basswood body, smooth 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays, and chrome hardware. Dual humbuckers—700T at the bridge, 650R at the neck—deliver long, singing sustain and powerful tones.This package also includes an Epiphone Studio 10 amplifier with 10W power through an 8" Electar Labs speaker; rugged gig bag; instructional video; pitch pipe; plus a strap, cable, and picks to put it all together. Everything you need to get going!

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #5059 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Epiphone


  • Epiphone SG Special
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Basswood body

Customer Reviews

Amazon Review4 If you decide to learn to play a musical instrument, the next decision you must make is which instrument to play. Many people encounter great difficulty when it comes to choosing a particular brand and model of instrument, especially when it comes to electric guitars. With thousands of models and just as many brands, many novice musicians don't know where to start. This crucial decision has the power to greatly influence your musical style and ability. As the "Guitar Hero" phenomenon is currently raging the music world like a pandemic, many young people would rather play a videogame than a real instrument due to the high prices and difficultly of learning to play guitar. Luckily, the well-priced and user-friendly Epiphone SG-310 Hi-Performance Guitar package has hit the market. After exploring the many different packages available and choosing the Epiphone SG-310 Hi-Performance Guitar Pack as my first guitar purchase, I have established this model as an affordable and reliable purchase. As a guitarist of nearly ten years, I have owned and played a wide variety of electric instruments. From my early days as a musician, I have always been interested in the different brands and series of the many guitars available. I have come to realize that there are many knockoff brands that will attempt to make a quick dollar by selling a poorly manufactured instrument. I am here to tell you that this product does not fall under this category. The first thing that you as a potential buyer should note is the brand name that is inscribed on the headstock of the guitar- Epiphone. For those of you that are unaware, Epiphone is the sister company of Gibson, one of the most well known and widely used guitar makers around. Gibson's reputation for being a exceptional manufacturer of reliable instrument has been passed down to this sister company. With Gibson overseeing a majority of Epiphone's projects, you can rest assured that this is a well-crafted instrument. You must not only make a decision based on the brand name, but also the materials and pieces that makeup this instrument. The Epiphone G310 is made of a solid hardwood body, bolt on mahogany neck, rosewood fret board, and chrome tuners. The solid ebony body provides this guitar with a dark, glistening finish, which is sure to look good both on stage and in the home. The mahogany neck and rosewood fret board provide a smooth feel, which is both comfortable and easy to play, especially for young musicians. The importance of an easy-to-play instrument must be stressed especially to beginners because many young musicians lose their desire to play due to the finger pain accompanied by some guitars. This guitar is sure to minimize this effect and provide an instrument that will be soft on even the most delicate finger tips. The chrome tuners and chromatic bridge help prevent the guitar from falling out of tune, which can be a constant frustration for musicians of all ages. You are sure to be stunned by the range of sounds available when the guitar is plugged into the included five watt tube amplifier. With the assurance of well made parts, the SG310 is a reliable instrument that can achieve any sound, from mild distortion to an all out scream. If the guitar alone is not reason enough to purchase this package, take a look at the products that are included in this package. If you take note of the price of this guitar package, which in my opinion is very fair, and compare it to the price of the same guitar sold separately, you will notice that there is literally no difference. What many people don't realize is that when purchasing this guitar package, you receive everything you need to pick up the guitar, plug it in, and learn to play. The package comes complete with a five watt tube amplifier, guitar stand, strap, picks, tuner, carrying case, and even a twenty foot chord. The five watt tube amplifier is a surprisingly clean and incredibly loud amplifier, perfect for ear training and jamming along with a CD. The guitar stand and carrying case provide the musician with a safe place to store or transport their instrument. The picks are Epiphone brand name and the chromatic tuner is sure to keep your guitar's sound in check, even in the most unsuitable conditions. The guitar strap is perfect to learn to stand and play the instrument, as if you were on stage. The twenty foot chord is great for recreating musicians' performances like living legend from the famous rock band ACDC Angus Young's eccentric stage movements or practicing those knee slides that will surely give you well earned rug burn. Whatever your ideals are of stage presence, this guitar package is sure to provide you with the tools necessary to become any style of musician, Unfortunately, this product like many others does have its certain downfalls. First of all, the instrument is not reliable when it comes to wear and tear. I have noticed with my particular model that the volume knobs have become a bit loose and cause some static when turned while plugged in. I have also noticed that this guitar seems to cause more wear on the strings than many more expensive models that I have played. However, if you look at the price of strings which start at about five dollars, and compare their replacement price to the difference between more expensive models, it is obvious that your money will be saved. Overall, Epiphone has crafted a quality instrument that with proper care will provide a musician with a great sound and feel that will last for years. Choosing a guitar with which to learn to play can be a tedious and often confusing process. With so many brands and models to choose from, many new musicians feel overwhelmed while comparing prices, brands, and components. The combination of this guitar and the accessory package included makes for a great beginner purchase. I feel that Epiphone has created a truly well made and affordable guitar package that is sure to satisfy the needs of novice musicians young and old alike. Good bye for cheap guitar.4 I bought this and it was well worth the money. This guitar sounds good in the amp. Good for beginners.