Crescent 23" Natural Kids Toy Acoustic Guitar with Accessories

Crescent 23" Natural Kids Toy Acoustic Guitar with Accessories
From Crescent

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Product Description

This beautiful Acoustic Guitar set is the ideal toy for toddlers and children! It is fully functional Acoustic Guitar which is perfect for "pretend" play. This Guitar is 23 inches in length and features a rosewood body, lindenwood binding, and 15 frets. Please note that this Guitar does NOT come tuned. To tune the Guitar, we recommend tightening the screws on the tuning knobs. These screws are located on the tuning knobs on the back of the Guitar. This set also has everything your child needs to get started with the Guitar, including extra strings and a pick. This 23" Acoustic Guitar set makes a great gift for kids and is a great value for the money! IMPORTANT NOTE: This Guitar comes packaged in the original manufacturer's box. The box has a full color photo of a Guitar on the front. Please keep this in mind when purchasing this Guitar as a gift.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1488 in Musical Instruments
  • Color: Natural
  • Brand: Crescent
  • Model: MG23-NR


  • 23 Inch Acoustic Toy Guitar Set
  • Ideal for Toddlers and Children!
  • Full Wood Construction
  • 15 Frets
  • Set Includes: Extra Strings and Pick

Customer Reviews

Crescent 23" kids toy acoustuc guitar - don't waste your $$1 This was a disappointment! Purchased this guitar for my son and was very unhappy with it. It is not a "playable" instrument as is suggested in the description. You cannot tune it or tighten the strings because they do not function. No accessories included (at least with mine). My kid loves it4 I play guitar, and my 2 year old loves getting to play with me. During the summer, we would walk up and down the streets in our neighborhood playing our guitars together, and it was a very cute sight (if I do say so myself :) ). I've added a picture of my daughter with the guitar so you can see how perfectly the 23" size fits her. Before I bought this guitar, I had gotten her a 1/2 size guitar, and it was WAY too big for her. As other reviewers have mentioned, you must screw down the tuning pegs to keep the guitar in tune. However, this isn't a "real" guitar. What I mean by that is the fretboard is not set up precisely, so you can't actually play songs with it, even with the open strings tuned correctly, so it doesn't much matter whether or not you tune it. In fact, one of the strings broke when I was re-tuning it one day, and I haven't bothered to replace it. My daughter couldn't care less. This size is probably best suited for a 2-3 year old, and kids that age (my kids anyway!) aren't very interested in really learning how to play guitar. They just want to play with it. Do I wish the fretboard was set up precisely? Yes. That's why I gave it four stars instead of five. But it's still a great toy and not a very expensive one. We've certainly gotten our money's worth out of it - and then some! My son LOVES this guitar4 He plays it constantly and I love his "concerts". But you must screw the strings tight before use (as many other reviewers noted). And, no, you are not going to get a perfectly tuned sound. But to see the smile on my son's face while he plays (and his little borther watching) makes it wort it.