Casio AP500 88 Key Digital Piano

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Product Description

The Casio AP500 gives you the sound of an acoustic piano in a stylish space saving design. A new AIF Sound Source delivers all the sound quality and playability of a fine grand piano. High-precision stereo sampling of a grand piano combines with an original new filter system to produce sounds that modulate naturally from the moment a key is pressed until the note decays. A Tri-element system uses three different waveforms of each note, which makes it possible to produce realistic sounds in response to different key pressures. In addition, an original AIF Sound Source system communicates each delicate nuance to the sound source so everything from pianissimos to fortissimos is reproduced with the same richness of expression as an acoustic grand.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #3124 in Musical Instruments
  • Brand: Casio
  • Model: CAS AP500
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 21.10" h x 22.60" w x 59.30" l, 145.80 pounds


  • Keyboard: 88 Key Piano Keyboard with Touch Response^Maximum Polyphony: 128 Notes^Tones: 164 (with Layer and Split)^2-way speaker system^LED display

Customer Reviews

Casio AP-500 Digital Piano Gets High Marks5 This is my 3rd digital piano and its a keeper. There is no competition in this price range. Casio has produced a very fine intstrument in the AP-500. The sound quality is excellent, powered by 4-speaker 60 watt amplifier. The piano sound itself is pleasant, not as bright as a Yamaha and not as dull as a Baldwin baby. A couple of the electric sounds are pretty good, too. The sound resonates and you can feel it through vibrations as you play, like a real piano. The touch is heavier than most digitals, but you get used to it within a week or so. Personally, I prefer the heavier touch and it seems more piano-like. The 128 polyphony is perfect. I'm pretty heavy on the damper when i play and don't notice notes dropping off, even in a long gliss. Its one of the features you need to have that helps make it sound correct. The case is nicely built and has a rosewood finish (I don't know what the one reviewer was complaining about, there are very few digital pianos made out of real wood anywhere) and goes with furniture pretty well. The 3 pedals are metal and I think the damper supports half pedaling. Assembly is easy. Its far superior to the PX-800 in sound and features. Fewer button pushes required to change settings, and more buttons are dedicated to each function. The sound system and speakers are simply bigger and better, giving fuller and more realistic sound. Nice, wide music desk that folds down. The unit takes a little while to power on since it goes through a self-test each startup. Overall, its a great sounding piano with weighted, grades keys that has all the features you need and more that you probably never use. Simply turn it on and play and you'll be impressed at how it feels and responds. Highly recommended. You got it! The Grand Piano.5 I was shopping for piano for almost 4 months and evaluated all kind of options in price range up to $3500. The acoustic upright also was an option. I once made $500 mistake by buying "premium" piano from M-Audio (total junk, it is as much piano as I'm ballet dancer) so I was very cautious. I'm by no means a pro level piano player but I can throw jazz tune one or two and most of my life I was near good players. So I can tell when it is good. When looking for piano, the action and sound are most important. You do not buy the touch itself, or the sound itself, but the overall experience of playing piano. All of the additional sounds are nice to have but not have to have. I liked this Celviano so much that it outshines to my tastes all the competition. I liked the keyboard very much. It is heavier than Yamaha's YDP223 but it is as close to the real 5'2" grand's keys that I personally can't tell a difference. It makes more difficult in the beginning to play fast passages, but in two weeks, your playing improves dramatically. It shows much greater control over dynamics with articulated expression. The sound of the instrument is absolutely terrific! The speaker systems and sampling makes the playing and the listening as pleasurable as it can get. The sound system in the instrument is very well conceived and it sound as close to the real instrument as it gets. Casio thoughtfully provides music notation books with the piano and marked the difficulty levels of as A,B,C. I guess the included repertoire is just a little bit over optimistic, because something tells me that I will not play Chopin's "Fantasy Impromptu" even in ten years ;-). But in "play" mode it sound SO AMAZING it worth just having the piano for music enjoyment. It is just like `player's piano", pro player on demand to entertain you and your guests. The keyboard is responsive, dynamic to a touch, resisting, very natural. The pedals done simply amazing! It keeps reverberating and rattling just like a real thing. It responds in all sorts of natural intermixed vibrations, very nice. It feels like you play an instrument, not some fake substitution. When you play it there's absolutely no feel of "sorry" and of "one day I'll have a real one". I must say Casio commissioned in ap-500 one amazing instrument. I tried MANY different pianos both digital and acoustic. You can get bigger and fuller sound on fortissimo out of upright piano if you aim into $5000++ price range. I found this Cilviano performs on par with normal, inexpensive 5'2" grand I play sometimes in a club and it outperforms, hands down any of low prices acoustical pianos. I really liked action of new Roland and samples of Yamaha but this piano stands firmly by them with virtues of its own. It is not better, not worse it is somewhat different as they all are. I had great hopes for Kawai's much claimed "real wood" key action, but to my taste it is weird. The return path is too slow to my liking. I liked Roland's keys, I especially liked they older and unique FP-5 piano's action but it is out of production and its newer version is more on "piano" side and on this side I found this Casio more efficient. I need to stress it, the action is very debative subject. You MUST try it yourself to find which one fits you best. I must mention that other sounds are very nice as well. The entire range of pianos on this unit is very tasteful, true and pleasurable. I can't say how durable it is as I'm a new owner, but the wooden cabinet is strikingly beautiful, nicely done and makes great part in my living room appearance. If you see my review as overenthusiastic it is because I really like this my baby and I don't affiliate with Casio in any way except as I'm a customer. I got my new piano from Kraft Music as a part of the bundle that includes Casio's piano bench, lamp and headphones. Must say they offer first rate service and I will buy from them again. Great value - 4.5 stars4
Upfront disclaimer - I'm a novice at piano, and bought it primarily
for my son. The priority for product selection was price, looks, then
action etc. I got this after plenty of research online, and so far, it
has totally lived up to my expectations.

Looks good, sounds good, everyone's who's seen and heard it has liked it.

I think it would look better in black color - but this is very nice
too and goes with the furniture. In my mind that's the only basis for
the 0.5 star deduction.

It seems to have all the nice features - recording, split, MIDI, SD card etc. and my son and I truly enjoy playing on it.

The other alternative I considered was Yamahas which a friend
strongly recommended - but they're not available online and I did'nt
feel upto visiting a store and bargaining down the price. In any case,
I don't think I could have got an equivalent one anywhere at this price
point. At the one piano store that I did visit, there was a another
name brand digital which the guy was recommending as best value, but
that was over $800 more than this and from what I know now, this is a
better value.

It is fairly straightforward to setup, but you do need one more
adult to help with lifting the piano on the stand. It took me about 30
min to assemble.

Lastly, if you're brand conscious (my wife is..) it does'nt say Casio on top of the piano which would have been a drawback.